Leave a Legacy

With just a few words, you can make a huge difference. It’s true! Your support of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts can last far beyond your lifetime—and it only takes a few minutes to make it happen. Here are two popular ways to make your dedication continue for... Read More

Why Your Legacy Matters

You may have heard that “leaving a legacy” is important to nonprofits like the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. But what makes legacy giving so different from writing a check or donating online? Legacy gifts… Focus on the future. The support we receive... Read More

New Retirement Laws

2023’s new laws include retirement changes that may affect your saving and your giving. Increase in required minimum distribution (RMD) age Retirees must now begin taking taxable withdrawals at age 73 in 2023, up from the previous 72. (That... Read More

Bequest Language for a Gift In Your Will

The following discussion will distinguish each type of bequest and provide sample suggested language that your attorney may refer to, if needed, to create your bequest. These examples are very general in nature. Your attorney will help you determine... Read More

Charitable Gift Annuity

Gifts That Pay You Income

There's a way for you to support the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and feel confident that you have dependable income in your retirement years. You can do this with a charitable gift annuity.  With a  charitable gift annuity  you agree... Read More