Meet Our Donors

Allison Carneiro da Silva

New Planned Gift Inspired by VMFA's Teacher Programs
VMFA’s educational mission not only supports central Virginia’s incredible teachers like Allison Carneiro da Silva, but also introduces thousands of students to an exceptional art experience found through our gallery tours. These opportunities are made possible with the support of our amazing supporters. More

Margaret Clark

Glasgow Society Profile: Margaret Clark
Although Margaret Clark settled in Richmond just a few years ago, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has made a big impression on her. That’s why she recently decided to include a bequest to the VMFA in her estate plan. More

Frank and Gail Gilmore

A Gift That Gives Back
As 23-year docents, Frank and Gail Gilmore have made VMFA’s educational mission their own. The couple chose to make a gift to VMFA through a charitable gift annuity because it supports the museum and provides an income stream for their retirement. More

John and Patsy Barr

Four Decades of Support Becomes Forever Gift
For more than 40 years, John and Patsy Barr have given their time and talents to VMFA. The couple' planned gift ensures their support continues beyond their lifetimes. More

Birch Douglass

A Lifetime Commitment to Art
Birch Douglass has long had ties to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. A gift in Birch's estate plan recognizes his past experience with VFMA and supports its future, as well. More

Katherine Clarke

Perpetuating a Love for Art
Longtime member and Council volunteer Katherine "Kitten" Clarke shows her appreciation for VMFA with a planned gift. More

Jacquelyn Pogue

The Art of Creating a Legacy
Jacquelyn Pogue and her late husband, Bob, shared a desire to help create a more compassionate, sustainable, just, and spiritually awakened world. Supporting the arts is one of many ways the couple sought to achieve this goal. More

Cynthia Erdahl

Growing Future Artists
The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts helped Cynthia Erdahl find her creative voice. Through her legacy gift, she hopes others are able to do the same. More

Anna Damerel

Five Decades Into Forever
By endowing her gift, longtime friend of VMFA Anna Damerel ensures her support continues long after her lifetime. More

Anne Battle and Leonard Slater

Couple’s Bequest Will Support VMFA’s Drive Toward the Future
Richmond couple makes a bequest to VMFA as a reflection of the people and places that matter most to them, and believes strongly in the museum's vision for the future. More

Albert Hinckley

Gifts that Keep Giving
Virginia architect Albert Hinckley appreciates the depth and quality of collections at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. His gifts will enhance the work of the museum for years to come. More

Ben and Maureen Field

Couple Finds Common Purpose in Gift to VMFA
Karen and John Palen have been longtime supporters of the arts in Richmond. The couple has made a gift in their will for the museum’s future. More

Ben and Maureen Field

A Love of Art Runs in the Family
Maureen Field’s dedication to VMFA’s youngest visitors—and her own grandchildren—convinced her and her husband Ben to make a gift to the museum’s programming for children. More

Jay Adams

VMFA Ambassador Helps Ensure Museum’s Future
Virginia native Jay Adams has helped turn VMFA into the museum we know today. Thanks to his foresight and estate gift, VMFA's future is more secure for the next generation of art lovers. More

Sue and Carl Patow

Newcomers Embrace VMFA’s Vision
Although new to the area, Sue and Carl Patow quickly grew to love the museum. Their belief in VMFA’s mission has led them to make a planned gift through their estate. More


Supporter Inspires Visitors With an IRA Gift
To ensure that the museum continues to inspire visitors long after she retires from her docent career, Katherine "Kay" Gwaltney Remick named VMFA as the beneficiary of her IRA with the proceeds benefiting education. More

Dr. Shantaram Talegaonkar

Art Inspires Lifelong Learning
Dr. Shantaram Talegaonkar’s commitment to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts stretches from art history classes to serving on the Board of Trustees. He recently included a gift to VMFA in his will that will support initiatives at the museum for years to come. More

Jean Dyson

A Legacy 70 Years in the Making
Jean Dyson has been coming to Virginia Museum of Fine Arts since a seventh grade school field trip over 70 years ago. During her field trip, she was impressed by a painting of a forest patch with light shining down through the trees and has loved the VMFA ever since. More

Teri Craig Miles

Joy in Giving to VMFA Stems From Family’s Love of Art
Teri Craig Miles has been an impassioned supporter of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts since she first moved to Richmond and joined Friends of Art. Over the years, her admiration for the museum has only grown. More

Eric Schellenberger

The Day His Love for Art Began
Eric Schellenberger's interest in art was sparked at an early age: When he was 14 years old, his father brought him to New York City for the 1964 World's Fair, where he saw Michelangelo's great PietaMore

Wyckie and Bill McClure

McClure's Gift is Investment in Richmond and Virginia
Wyckie and Bill McClure have provided for the museum in their estate as an expression of their support for what VMFA means to them personally as well as a tribute to Richmond and Virginia.  More