Glasgow Society Members

Mr. John B. Adams, Jr.
Mrs. George E. Allen
John S. and Patsy L. Barr
Barton H. G. Barrett *
Anne Battle and Leonard S. Slater
Lilli and William Beyer
Reverend Doctor J. P. Blankenship
Mrs. A. Smith Bowman 
Mrs. C. Paul Boyan
Mrs. Caroline Y. Brandt
Dr. and Mrs. O. Christian Bredrup, Jr.
Dr. Donald S. and Beejay Brown
Mrs. Joel T. Broyhill
Mr. and Mrs. George* T. Bryson, Jr.
Janet Roy Nunnally Burhans*
Susan L. Buck and Edward A. Chappell
Dr. Edward D. C. Campbell, Jr. and Mrs. Patty V. Campbell
Marion E. Carson*
Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Chenault, Jr.
Mrs. William T. Clarke
The Reverend Doctor Vienna Cobb Anderson
Linda Johnson Crawford
John and Julia Curtis
Anna Noel Damerel
Wilson* and Lenora Graham Davidson
Norwood and Marguerite Davis
Jeanne and Michael Decker
Mrs. Buford Dexter
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Dilworth
Margie and Tom Disharoon*
Birch and Ginny* Douglass
JoAnne Wade Draucker
Mrs. Frances Massey Dulaney
Kathleen M. Durdin
Ms. Jean M. Dyson
Susan Eister Estes (Mrs. Edwin C. Estes)
Mr. Peter M. Ferdon
Mr. and Mrs. Bensley H. L. Field
Ms. Katherine G. Fields
Dr. George and Mrs. Marylou Fischer
Mrs. Marydel C. Flint
Ms. Margaret R. Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. William Gillikin
Frank and Gail Gilmore
Major General L. H. Ginn III
Yvonne and Charles Gold
Robert* and Elizabeth Gomperts
David and Susan Goode
The Family of Dr. and Mrs. Morris Gottlieb
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Gottwald, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr.
Mr.* and Mrs. Grant H. Griswold
Bebe Heiner
Mrs. William H. Higgins*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hill
Albert P. Hinckley, Jr.
A. Richard Hofheimer and Jean M. Hofheimer
Chip Hydrick and Diana Dew
Janet Jorgensen
Mary Jo and Joseph C. Kearfott
Anne W. Kenny
Mr. and Mrs. Allen B. King
The Klaus Family
Jeffrey Kling and Susan Craik
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Towler Knox
Larry J. Kohmescher
Ms. Deborah A. Krausse
Carol S. Lansinger
Gary and Kathy* Lavender
Jay J. and Heloise “Ginger” Levit
Page and Adrian Luxmoore
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas I. Marx
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Maxwell, Jr.
Wycliffe G. and William G. McClure
Mrs. Mary G. McCormack
Nancy M. Hirst McCormick*
Charles and Carter McDowell
James and Fran McGlothlin
Louis and Judi Mezzullo
Teri Craig Miles
Jeff and Mel Miller
Mr. and Mrs. G. Gilmer Minor III
Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Mooney
Mrs. Henrietta J. Near
Marilyn G. and Michael L. Newman
Kathryn Gray and Alex Nyerges
Mr. J. Scott Osborne, Jr. and Dr. Ruby O. Osborne*
Candace H. Osdene
Nancy Ottenritter
Karen and John Palen
Pamela G. and Fred W. Palmore
Dr. Carl and Susan Patow
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley F. Pauley
Mrs. Patsy K. Pettus
Robert E.* and Jacquelyn Pogue
Mr. James B. Purcell and Mrs. Karen S. Purcell
Gordon and Selina Rainey
Chuck and June Rayfield
Frank Raysor
Mrs. William D. Redick
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Reed, Jr.
Travis Bell Reinhardt
Mrs. Katherine G. Remick
Helen and Taylor Reveley
Brenda C. Rippey
Mrs. Grace Ritzenberg
Toni A. Ritzenberg*
Milton Ritzenberg*
Ms. Joyce E. Roberts
Pam and Bill Royall
Mr. Eric L. Schellenberger and Joan M. Spyhalski
Michael J. Schewel and Priscilla A. Burbank
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Schur
Walter Sheppe*
John and Maria Shugars
Jane E. Sigloh
Dr. and Mrs. C. Freeman Sleeper
Mr. Christopher Small
Carolyn K. and John W. Snow
Jane G. Spain
Mr. and Mrs.* Henry C. Spalding, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson L. St. Clair, Jr.
Elizabeth Locke and John Staelin
Mrs. Lyle Stotts
Eric Streiner
Dr. and Mrs. William T. Stuart
Dr. Mary Sussler*
Kenneth W. Swenson and Cherie Swenson*
Drs. Shantaram and Sunita Talegaonkar
Dr. and Mrs. E. Armistead Talman
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Timmons
Janet B. and Roger H. Tutton, MD
Dr. Charles L. Vincent
Mr. and Mrs. John W. West III
Dr. and Mrs. James White
Mary White
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Williams*
Mimi and Perk* Wilson
Fifteen Anonymous Donors

* deceased

Glasgow Society membership as of March 30, 2018