Glasgow Society Profile: Margaret Clark

Margaret Clark

Margaret Clark hopes that her future gift helps VMFA remain an accessible and vital part of our community.

Although Margaret Clark settled in Richmond just a few years ago, she recently decided to include a bequest to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in her estate plan. Raised in New Orleans, Margaret’s career in medical writing and editing has allowed her to travel widely both in the U.S. and abroad.

“VMFA has a wonderful collection and interesting programs, but what has really impressed me is its accessibility,” Margaret explains. “So many museums have priced themselves out of being a family event. If we want children to grow up learning and appreciating art, they have to be able to see it.”

Margaret’s favorite part of the collection is one she has barely seen: The Paul Mellon Collection of British Sporting Art, which began an international tour in 2018. She is eager to explore the newly renovated Mellon Galleries when they reopen this fall.

“The virtual programs introduced in the last year have been a great way to remain active and engaged while we’re mostly stuck at home, but I am looking forward to attending in-person member events again,” she says. “Even more than the opportunity to meet people and see the latest exhibition, I miss being in the museum at night when the galleries are quiet and you can really look at a work of art.”

By designating a percentage of her estate to the museum, Margaret will help ensure that others can experience those moments of connection. “Making a bequest is a way to reach beyond myself to help someone else,” she explains. “My hope is that VMFA continues to be an interactive, accessible, and vital part of the community decades after I’m gone.”

Like Margaret, you can support VMFA’s future by designating a percentage of your estate to the museum. To learn more, contact Erin Sheets Elder at 804.340.1619 or