A Legacy 70 Years in the Making

Jean Dyson

Jean Dyson gives back to the VMFA as part of her legacy by leaving a gift in her will.

Jean Dyson has been coming to Virginia Museum of Fine Arts since a seventh-grade school field trip over 70 years ago. During her field trip, she was impressed by a painting of a forest patch with light shining down through the trees and has loved the VMFA ever since.

"VMFA is part of my history, part of my story. I love it," Jean says.

In high school, Jean worked across the street. As an adult, she has attended theatrical performances and lectures, and had the opportunity to meet several artists-all the time watching the collection grow.

While Jean has been to hundreds of museums throughout the United States and in different countries, she believes VMFA has an intimacy about it that is unique.

Jean has made VMFA part of her legacy by leaving a gift in her will, noting, "This museum has grown to reflect the best part of the culture of the region. I wish everyone knew VMFA belongs to all Virginians; it's our museum."  

Create Your Legacy at VMFA

Like Jean, you, too, can leave an artful legacy that reflects your passion and remains an inspiration for generations to come. Contact Erin Sheets Elder at 804.340.1619 or erin.elder@vmfa.museum to get started today.